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QGIS atlas on non geometry tables

This is proof that no matter how close you are to a project you can still miss some really cool stuff that you never knew or considered was possible.

The problem to solve:

You have a CSV with a row of colours. Each row should be a new map and ...

Exporting QGIS symbols as images

Ever wanted to export your QGIS symbols as images? Yes. Well here is some Python code that will let you do just that:

from PyQt4.QtCore import QSize
from PyQt4.QtGui import QImage, QPainter

style = QgsStyleV2.defaultStyle()
names = style.symbolNames()
size = QSize(64, 64)

for name in names:
    symbol = style ...

Fundraising for Eloise and Heartfelt

The death of our daughter was one of the hardest things my wife and I have ever had to deal with. It's not something that I wish anyone ever have to experience and feel really sorry for those who have had to do it many times. There is something ...

QGIS Needs You! Help make QGIS 2.4 better

QGIS is now in feature freeze for the 2.4 release, that means no more features are going in and we need to focus on fixing any outstanding issues that are still hanging around before the release. 2.4 is going to be a good release, adding cool things like ...

qgis2img - A QGIS render benchmarking tool and image renderer

qgis2img is a new tool that I created, in a bit of friendly competition with the boss, which I lost but we will not speak of that again, for benchmarking QGIS layer rendering. The goal is simple. Take a project file(s), or QLR file(s), render the output, time ...

The QGIS Field calculator is dead. Long live the Field calculator bar

Ahhh the good old field calculator, it's in a better place now. OK not really, it's still there if you need it, but we can do a little better in 2.4. Introducing the field calculator bar:

Alt Text

oooo fancy.

The field calculator has always bugged me, I think ...

Setting up PyCharm for PyQGIS and Qt

I have been asked a few times how to setup PyCharm so you are able to do PyQGIS development, or even PyQt because that is just as great. Rather then tell each person one at a time I thought I would throw it out as a blog post so everyone ...

What are all these QGIS file types? Why do I need them

After I added the new QGIS Layer Definition feature in QGIS I have noticed some indirect feedback regarding its use. I thought I would do this post in order to clear things up regarding the new feature so that we are all on the same page.

Some of this feedback ...

QGIS Layer Definitions (An ArcGIS like .lyr function for QGIS)

NOTE Just to clarify. This is not adding the ability to open ArcGIS .lyr files.

One of the reasons that I love working and being part of the QGIS project is how quickly you can take it from not having a needed feature to having said feature. A good example ...

IntraMaps Roam - A Python QGIS data collection app

For the last couple of months I, though Digital Mapping Solutions, have been working on a tablet friendly data collection application that has been built on Python and QGIS. For those of you who have seen my QMap project I started a year or so ago you can consider this ...

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