Unofficial MapInfo feature request list – Updated Again!


So nothing official was decided however I really like the layout and usability of and Bill Theon added my wish list to the header of MapInfo-l so I guess we can use it for a while until something better comes along.   I am looking a buying some paid hosting and moving my blog and creating a better wish list, something that I have more control over.  Something like but money is tight so I don’t think that will happen for a while.

The other day I was looking around some GIS websites and found that ESRI have a place where people can go and post feature requests,bugs,ideas about all the different ESRI products.  Looking around I wasn’t able to find anything like this for any MapInfo products, so I thought it might be a good idea to start one.

A lot of information flows though the global MapInfo-l message board, things that would be nice to have down as feature requests or bugs so that people can comment and PBBI can really see what people would like in their products.  I am aware that you can send feature requests though the MapInfo Professional software however I think having a community effort would be much better as you can quickly see what other people
have thought of and if you support that idea also, which in turn lets PBBI see what the community wants.

I have trailed a few different feedback sites and I have gone with a site called, it is user friendly, lets you post comments (even what mood the request or bug puts you in, handy to see what really bugs people). The only thing I wanted and it didn’t have is a vote up and vote down feature, it has it in the paid version put I am only using the free version because I don’t have a spare $20 a month.  My thoughts were, if you would like to see a feature or a bug fixed post a comment on the item and use the smiley face (you’ll see what I mean on the site) to show you support the idea.

I have added two new items which I would like to see, please feel free to add more.  Hopefully we can start building up a list of featuresthat we would like see, or bugs that we find.


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