New QGIS Training Provider in Australia – Digital Mapping Solutions

If you are in Australia and are looking for some QGIS training Digital Mapping Solutions have just announced that they are now providing a  2 day Introduction to QGIS training course.

The course covers such things as:

  • User interface and basic tools
  • QGIS projects and preferences
  • Coordinate Reference Systems and On-The-Fly (OTF) projection
  • Map navigation and QGIS tools
  • Vector map objects: Adding, deleting & modifying
  • Attribute data: Field editing & modification
  • Layer manipulation
  • Digitizing
  • Styles and labelling
  • Object manipulation: Combine, split & buffer
  • Registering raster imagery
  • Creating layouts for printing
  • Utilising WMS and WFS Web Services
  • Plugins
  • Database connectivity

More details and a booking form for the course can be found at

Training like this is great for QGIS popularity in Australia.  Working in local government I know how hard it can be to get IT to say yes to software unless there is formal training of some sort, and now thanks to DMS there is.

Enjoy :)


3 thoughts on “New QGIS Training Provider in Australia – Digital Mapping Solutions

    1. Hi Naomi,

      I have just seen your post.

      We are running QGIS training all over Australia, please see the current scheduled dates

      PERTH QGIS 23 – 24 October 2012

      BRIS QGIS 20 – 21 November 2012

      MELB QGIS 22 – 23 November 2012

      We can run QGIS training in any capital City as long as we have adequate numbers. As a result, for example we can schedule a Sydney course if required.

      The link below takes you to our website and identifies the course outline.

      If you have any questions my email is

      Kind Regards,
      Chris Scott.

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