Leaving! Getting a New QGIS Job!

This week is my last week at Southern Downs Regional Council. On Monday I’m starting a new job. A QGIS related job. WIN!

I have worked at Southern Downs Regional Council for the last seven years and have been grateful for every year. The people, the work, the experience, has all be excellent. It has been a great seven years and I never imagined that I would be leaving, maybe at the ten year mark, but here it is. Starting at SDRC right out of high school without any skills or knowledge of what GIS is or was I grew to love it very quick. Learning GIS, evidently, lead me to programming. Nothing to crazy at first, some VBA here, some MAPBASIC there, MapInfo added the ability to call .NET dlls so I got into VB.NET, which lead me to C#, QGIS entered about three years ago which started me down the road of C++ and Python. Throw in some GPS surveying, data collection, database stuff, bushfire mapping, planning scheme mapping, floods, and you have yourself a nice skill set that you never expected to learn – hell some early school teacher even told my parents I would never do anything useful because “I only did computers”.

So enough with the rambling personal history lesson and more about the new stuff. My new job is a Technical Consultant/QGIS Specialist with Digital Mapping Solutions(DMS), a great – of course they are great why else would I work for them – Australian GIS company. DMS were/are the sponsors of the QGIS MS SQL provider and run QGIS training courses around Australia. My new role will be focused around QGIS and QGIS clients in Australia, although it’s not limited to that. I’m really looking forward to promoting, using, and helping other people use QGIS in Australia. I really do think there is a good market for it here, and if the growing interest over the last year is anything to go by I feel it is going to be a really interesting year. Working from home, meeting new people, learning awesome skills, pimping QGIS, what’s not to love!

My blog will continue as normal, if not more. Expect to see more QGIS in Australia, hopefully we can get some regular meetups happening.

I do have to give credit to the QGIS team and community. Without the great team and community around QGIS I very much doubt any of this would have happened

One thought on “Leaving! Getting a New QGIS Job!

  1. Congratulations Nathan. What a great opportunity to work in the FOSS4G world.

    Bob Bruce, Winnipeg, Manitoba

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