Australian QGIS User Forums – Wrap up

I had a feeling this year was going to be a good one for QGIS. The recent success of the first Australian QGIS User Group in Perth, and the most recent one in Melbourne can only reinforce this. Both events had a great turn out of around fifty people.

The Perth event was run as three presentations followed by a discussion session.

  • Mapping Projects with QGIS (Jeremy Taylor – City of Belmont)

  • Custom Plugin Development (Shane French – Department of Environment and Conservation)

  • All the New Cool Stuff in QGIS 2.0 (Nathan Woodrow – Digital Mapping Solutions)

With a bit more time to prepare we added a workshop session to the Melbourne event:


  • Styling and managing style libraries (Chris Scott – Digital Mapping Solutions)

  • Working with the composer (Nathan Woodrow – Digital Mapping Solutions)

  • Custom QGIS forms and Python (Nathan Woodrow – Digital Mapping Solutions)

  • General Q&A


  • A GIS officers journey into the light (Barrett Higman – Alpine Shire Council)

  • QGIS in Victoria Police (Nyall Dawson – Victoria Police)

  • All the New Cool Stuff in QGIS 2.0 (Nathan Woodrow – Digital Mapping Solutions)

There was a great mix of users, even a few non users keen to check QGIS out for the first time. I was extremely happy with how both days turned out and the feedback so far has been fantastic. A massive thanks must go to DMS who sponsored both events.

Alt Text

I also thought I might give filming and screen recording my workshop a go. Seemed to turn out alright, for a first attempt anyway. A few mistakes here and there but live things never go 100% :)

On a side note it was also a pleasure to be able to talk about my adventures with QGIS at the Melbourne Open GIS meetup. Big thanks to Simon for asking me to talk.

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