SVG textures + blend modes = Cool QGIS Maps

Did you know you can use textures to fill a polyon in QGIS? No? Well you do now!

The cool thing is you can get results like this with a simple SVG and a texture.

Alt Text

So how do you do it? Lets give it a go.

First grab a texture you want from

Install Inkscape, or any other tool that can create svgs with textures.

Drag and drop your texture into Inkscape and embed the texture into the SVG:

Alt Text

Twaek any settings you need in Inkscape and save it somewhere QGIS can find.

Tip: You can configure extra search paths for svg in Options -> System -> SVG Paths

Alt Text

Open QGIS and load a polygon layer

Change the symbol type for the style to SVG fill and selet your SVG

Alt Text

Hit apply.

Opps that’s not right

Alt Text

Enter the handy blend modes added by Nyall.

Change the blend mode to Soft Light and move the layer to the top of the drawing list

Alt Text


Now go and make some pirate maps.

2 thoughts on “SVG textures + blend modes = Cool QGIS Maps

  1. Hi Nathan,
    The graphics for the textures aren’t coming through to my government workstation, neither in email or my various browsers when I look at the WordPress website. I do enable all content in IE and it doesn’t make a difference. Can you think of why this is?

    Bob Bruce

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