Installing QGIS using apt on windows (OSGeo4W)

Here is a handy tip to be able to install and update OSGeo4W packages, things like QGIS, GRASS, etc, using the apt utility from OSGeo4W. apt is a command line utility that you can install using OSGeo4W and then run using the OSGeo4W Shell.

First install apt via OSGeo4W

Alt Text

Now open the OSGeo4W Shell

Alt Text

from here you can run the apt utility.

The basic commands are apt update, apt install {package}, apt upgrade

Installing nightly QGIS

For a quick example we will install qgis-dev.

From the shell we can just run:

apt setup
apt update
apt install qgis-dev

Alt Text

apt will install all the needed dependencies


Script for updating nightly QGIS

So the good thing about using apt is if you wanted to make a quick batch file that you can run to update to the nightly build it’s as simple as

@echo off

apt update
apt install qgis-dev

Now you can just run the batch file to update your QGIS to the nightly build.

Extra tip

If you just want to upgrade all the packages you have installed you can do:

apt setup
apt upgrade


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