Adding __geo_interface__ to QGIS geometry and feature

What is __geo_interface__ anyway? If you have never seen __geo_interface__ it was defined by Sean Gillies at A cool lightweight interface that describes a single spatial object using a GeoJSON like structure, in fact parts of it are just normal GeoJSON.

Since QGIS in feature freeze at the moment I can’t add this to the main code base just yet. Awwww sad face :(

but wait!

Thanks to good ol’ Python we can just monkey patch it right on.

def mapping_feature(feature):
geom = feature.geometry()
properties = {}
fields = [ for field in feature.fields()]
properties = dict(zip(fields, feature.attributes()))
return { 'type' : 'Feature',
'properties' : properties,
'geometry' : geom.__geo_interface__}

def mapping_geometry(geometry):
geo = geometry.exportToGeoJSON()
# We have to use eval because exportToGeoJSON() gives us
# back a string that looks like a dictionary.
return eval(geo)

QgsFeature.__geo_interface__ = property(lambda self: mapping_feature(self))
QgsGeometry.__geo_interface__ = property(lambda self: mapping_geometry(self))

And that’s that. Easy hey. Really got to love dynamic languages.

The __geo_interface__ property now exists on any instance of QgsGeometry or QgsFeature. Lets test that theory.

>>> import pprint
>>> layer = iface.activeLayer()
>>> feature = layer.selectedFeatures()[0]
>>> feature.__geo_interface__
>>> pprint.pprint(f.__geo_interface__)
{'geometry': {'coordinates': [[[385039.90567724, 6449154.61878853],
[385059.01135993, 6449154.80874077],
[385059.41538719, 6449114.58680192],
[385040.30145863, 6449114.38685169],
[385040.16953133, 6449127.46423076],
[385039.90567724, 6449154.61878853]]],
'type': 'Polygon'},
'properties': {u'address': u'HYNES WY',
u'assessment': u'2204315',
u'bool': u'F',
u'dola_pin': 283678,
u'field18': 2920,
u'field19': 0.0,
u'house_numb': u'3',
u'location': None,
u'lot': u'LOT 107',
u'new': None,
u'old': u'|mylink',
u'paid_in_fu': u'F',
u'pin_string': u'283678',
u'postcode': u'6163',
u'reserve': None,
u'sample_dat': u'2003-05-15',
u'subdivided': None,
u'suburb': u'HAMILTON HILL',
u'suburb_wit': u'HAMILTON HILL',
u'type': u'H',
u'v_auto_dat': None,
u'v_auto_use': None,
u'v_boolean': None,
u'v_datetime': None,
u'v_decimal': None,
u'v_int': None,
u'v_numeric': None,
u'v_varcha_1': None,
u'v_varchar': None,
u'v_varchar_': None},
'type': 'Feature'}
>>> feature.geometry().__geo_interface__
{'type': 'Point', 'coordinates': [388197.74503284, 6450504.16670842]}


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