All the normal places.  I normally try to respond to most contact requests however if you general help best to contact the mailing lists for said software.

9 thoughts on “Contact

  1. First of all, thanks a lot for the IntraMaps Roam application. It is very useful! We used it last year to do field validation in our research project about pollination service and landscape composition. That tablet died, and a new one was bought with the only, but dramatic, problem it runs WINDOWS RT 8.1. I was wondering if it will be possible to implement Intramaps to be run with this OS, or it will take a long time.
    Thanks in advance

    1. QGIS and Roam will not run on Windows RT environments. I would suggest, if possible to return the RT tablet because they are quite limited in what they can run.

  2. Roam is an awesome application. I’ve seen it work before and it’s stellar.
    It looks and works better than ArcPad, in my opinion.

    Setting it up on a new tablet, however, has given us an issue recently.
    On our Asus Transformer Book running windows 8.1, we’ve connected a Garmin Oregon GPS unit via a virtual serial COM port (created by GpsGate Splitter Express) to QGIS, and there the gps is tracked with no problem.
    For some reason, when we connect the GPS (finding the GPS using the “scan” method specified in Roam’s “settings” tab) we get a “AttributeError: sentence_type” error repeatedly until Roam has to freeze. When we specify a COM port in the settings tab, Roam cannot detect the GPS.

    Any thoughts on the issue here? Thanks in advance

      1. Don’t mean to nag, but if the notes are up, could you let us know where to find them?
        Thanks again

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