About Me

A QGIS developer, OSGeo advocate, and general open source lover. My name is Nathan and I’m an Aussie working as a technical consultant/QGIS Specialist for Digital Mapping Solutions – read my blog Disclaimer though. I’m quite passionate – maybe sometimes too much – about promoting and developing open source GIS projects.

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Nathan

    I’m not sure this comment is appropriate here (I should email you direct), so feel free to remove it.

    Nice to see this blog.

    Do you have use of older versions of MapInfo Pro (eg, v6.5)?

    Why I ask, is that it would be an opportunity to blog on the requirements of such pre-9.5 versions to work with .NET as integrated mapping applications that need COM and callbacks, compared with v9.5.

    Several times on MapInfo-L – over about the past 4 years (!) there’s been a protracted conversation about “how can I do integrated mapping with VB.NET”, it eventually gets answered, and then the detailed method just gets lost in the ether. 6 months later, someone asks the same question!

    Maybe more MapInfo users will eventually take up .NET languages rather than VB6 (actually, there seem to be very few who even use VB6).

    On the other hand, not everyone will upgrade MapInfo to 9.5 for the .NET ease of use (or even for its other features). Some (like me) will keep our old MapInfo version, and never upgrade.

    Not that I’m a luddite.

    I do appreciate .NET programming (and have been doing it for about 5 years).

    It’s just that Manifold GIS is a .NET application and is easier to code than a mix of C# .NET and MapBasic.

    1. Hi Ian,

      The comment is fine where it is, thanks for reading.

      I should be able to get my hands on some older versions of Mapinfo so that I can make sure that my blog post work with those versions also. The current blog post about sending commands to a Mapbasic program doesn’t need to be done with Mapinfo 9.5 as it just uses plain old COM and can be done with any version(should work I haven’t tested it :) ).

      Integrated mapping is sure on my list of things to talk about, I’m just now trying to find the time. I will try and write so that I doesn’t depend on a certain version of Mapinfo unless of course it needs that version to run.

      On the matter of VB6, I haven’t done much there and I really created this blog to cover Mapinfo and .NET together as that is what I am comfortable with. Having said that, I see no reason that I can’t cover some of those topics concerning VB6 in the future.

      The main reason I created this blog was so that people didn’t have to go scraping through archives of Mapinfo-L or any other form of fourm just to find some information about connecting Mapinfo and .NET

      Thanks for the comment.

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